Customer FAQ

Do you offer any luminaires that meet "Dark Sky" requirements?

Yes, we offer a prismatic globe with an internal light lid that eliminates all up-light. This globe can be used with a HID or LED light source.

Can I get a custom length and/or shaped pole?

Yes, the maximum length pole we offer is 39', and poles are available in the following shapes; 16 Sharp-Fluted, 16 Flat-Fluted, 12 Flat-Fluted, Smooth, Octagonal, Octa-Fluted and Hexagonal.

Can a VISCO pole be adapted to fit my luminaire?

Yes, we can put any size tenon on any pole to match your luminaire mounting requirements.

Can I add receptacles and/or other equipment to the pole?

Yes, a GFCI receptacle can be added almost anywhere on the pole. We can also mount any special equipment on the pole such as flower basket brackets, Christmas ornament mounting brackets, etc.

Can anchor bolts and mounting template be shipped prior to the shipment of the poles?

Yes, we carry a large inventory of anchor bolts, and can usually ship to meet customer requirements. Also, the template we send is wood, not paper. A freight charge for pre-shipment of anchor bolts and template will be applied to the final billing.

Can I have the pole painted a special color?

Yes, we can match almost any color. A paint sample is sometimes required.

Can the steel pole be galvanized?

Yes, any steel pole can be "hot-dipped galvanized". A galvanized pole will last a lifetime.

What types of luminaire light sources are offered?

We offer HID (High Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide), LED, QL and Incandescent.

Can I retrofit my existing luminaires to a LED light source?

Yes, we have a finial mount LED retrofit kit that can adapt to almost any acorn style globe.

Can I get traffic poles that match the light poles, to keep the same theme throughout the project?

Yes, we have large bases for traffic poles that match the smaller bases used for light poles. We can also add the same arm and/or luminaire that are on the light poles, to the traffic poles.

Can you meet "Buy America" specifications?

Yes, all of the steel we use for our poles is "melted and manufactured in the USA".

Do you do Banner or Sign poles?

Yes, but all poles need to be sized to be able to hold up to the specified maximum wind loading of the sign or banner.

Can I add banner arms to the pole at a later date?

Yes, the banner arms are clamp-on. They can be any length and can be located almost anywhere on the pole. However, VISCO will need to validate wind load data.

Can I have the pole base plate bolt circle match an existing anchor bolt pattern?

Yes, we can make a custom base plate with the required bolt circle. 

Can I have the concrete foundation for the pole designed?

No, that is done by a local civil engineer who is familiar with the soil conditions at the point of installation.