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New Representation for VISCO in Wisconsin!

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Need help with a project in Illinios?

Give our new Representative KSA-Lighting a call!

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VISCO Is Expanding!

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VISCO is on the road again!

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VISCO Is On The Road!

Come see VISCO at the Spark Lab event in Denver Colorado this Thursday from 11Am-6PM, hosted by our representatives Visual Interest. For more information visit

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2017 Main Street Now Conference

VISCO is on the road again!

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VISCO Takes On New Mexico With New Representation!

VISCO is excited to welcome aboard our new representative for New Mexico and El Paso, TX; I.W. Inc.! Located in Albuquerque, NM, I.W.I. will help you with all your street lighting needs through VISCOs' quality products. Call them at (505)821-0056 or visit their website to get your project started today!

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Outdoor lighting, pavers and bricks, oh my!

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VISCO welcomes Pro-Tech Lighting Inc.!

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VISCO welcomes new Colorado representative!

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How does street lighting become a part of a cities identity?

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