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Outdoor lighting, pavers and bricks, oh my!

12/1/2016 12:00 AM

When I think of comfortable lighting, I typically reference the lighting in my house that provides the most comfort while I read.  Being the social beings that humans are, while outdoors, I like to be surrounded by environments that also provides a comfortable feeling.   For my excursions outdoors, I prefer areas that provide a feeling of safety, as well as that special charm, such as historical relevance or commercial areas that incorporate shops and restaurants. I believe most individuals are inclined to make repeat visits to venues that are enjoyable and comfortable.  

So how can the color temperature of outdoor lighting contribute to enhancing our experiences and enjoyment?

Successful designs that consider color temperature for outdoor light fittings will look at landscape materials, foliage, and building facades. Light level for both pedestrian and roadway traffic is a priority. Warm color temperatures can bring out the richness of pavers, brick and stone facades, etc.  The same warm hue emitted by candles and incandescent lamps can closely be replicated today due to the multiple colors (Kelvin) temperatures available with LED light sources. Color temperatures in the 2700 Kelvin range is a good reference point to consider in visualizing a warm color temperature.  

During your next excursion, outdoors, take note of the lighting color temperatures that make you most comfortable.