About Us

VISCO- A fourth generation, family-owned business. Established in Portland, Oregon during the Second World War, the original foundry business provided cast parts to ship buildres engaged in support of the war effort. When the war ended, William 'Bud' Herring relocated his foundry works to Eugene, naming it Valley Iron and Steel Company. The majority of the work during the postwar years consisted of cast sprockets and other hard goods for the lumber industry. Eventually, cast iron manhole covers, treegrates, catch basins and related products became their primary workload to service a growing number of public works projects.

In the early 1980s, Bud passed the reins to his son Roger who renamed the company VISCO. The 80s were a time of growth and urban renewal and the younger Herring quickly realized a market existed for improved street light standards and traffic-related cast iron and steel parts. Today, VISCO is recognized by architects and planners worldwide for its wide variety of handsome, well-crafted and reliable traffic and streetscape products.

Outdoor Street Lights

Architects and planners of communities, parks, municipalities, and universities depend on VISCO's wide variety of interchangeable castings. Whether in an old town setting or contemporary business district, VISCO's cast-iron poles blend comfortably into any surroundings. VISCO's multi-purpose streetscape, traffic and pedestrian features help establish traffic patterns while enhancing curb appeal and increasing pedestrian safety.

A Wide Variety of Interchangeable Castings

Exterior Lighting and Architectural Components for Commercial, Municipal and College/University Applications