Custom Work

At VISCO we understand that every lighting design application is slightly different, and that our customers sometimes need a custom solution to meet their particular needs. Whether you want to create a unique feel for a town redevelopment, or you want to make a powerful aesthetic statement, we are here to help you achieve your vision. This can be as basic as a city or university logo being applied to a casting, or it may be the replication of a pole that has historical relevance, but the mold and or original foundry is no longer in business.   VISCO can provided new product designs specific to a customer’s design inspirations.


Our engineers will work to ensure that our custom solutions are manufactured to the same high quality as all standard VISCO products.

Our industrial design team works closely with customers’ and their design teams to find the best aesthetic solution for your scheme.


Our production team oversees the manufacturing and product assembling process to ensure the highest quality standards are met.

To ensure we achieve the design loading specifications associated with items such as wind loading and vibration (to ensure items such as banners will not compromise the design and product integrity), our engineers will review all considerations associated with current and future add-on elements.


The VISCO team works diligently to provide our customers’ with fast turnaround times on design, quotation and delivery.   

Our commitment is to provide our customers with the best solutions, at a fair price, and with exceptional service.

We have a dedicated department that offers the flexibility to create new components, or modify existing products to meet our customers’ requirements. Our aim is to achieve the best value possible for you.

One of our expert engineers will co-ordinate the whole service from conceptual design ideas through to delivery, and will be on hand at all times to deal with both the technical and commercial aspects of your project.