Streaming, Real-Time Wireless Audio for your downtown district, university, park or recreation area.

Introducing StreetSounds™ - Streaming Wireless Audio for "Main Street USA"

StreetSounds™ is a revolutionary new streaming wireless audio system designed to provide professional quality audio to “Main Street USA”. StreetSounds™ allows city and county governments and administrators, real estate developers, property managers, or theme park operators to provide real-time audio for seasonal music, festivals, parades, road races and ambient background music in shopping districts, parks, sports venues, or historic areas. Since StreetSounds™ is wireless, it provides high quality professional audio without the cost and hassle of having to dig up streets and sidewalks, or disturb historic areas in order to run wires.

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Cost Effective Design

The wireless system is cost-effective and easily mounted on existing street-light, or traffic-light poles so that it can tap into an existing AC power source. No need to purchase new, expensive light poles or un-needed "future features".

StreetSounds™ is housed in a sturdy aluminum enclosure desgined to withstand the harsh outdoor environment. The unit incudes a state of the art wireless repeater system based on the popular AiRocks Pro radio, as well as an integrated 2-channel, 70 watt power amplifier, a choice of outdoor speakers, stainless steel pole mount, all integrated into a compact, simple to mount system. The photo above shows the Technomad Vernal outdoor speaker. However, any 8 ohm or 4 ohm speaker will work. You can even use "buried" speakers for landscaping installations.



Streaming Audio Content

StreetSounds™ is a "streaming" wireless audio system, which means that the audio is transferred in "real time" or "live" just like talking over a PA system.

Some wireless system transfer audio "files" such as mp3 or itunes. These are "store-and-forward" systems, which means you transfer the audio file to each individual remote unit, then hit "Play". In this type of system there is no synchronization of the audio file so all files play at their own time. And "changing channels" is out of the question.

With a streaming audio system like StreetSounds™, you can stream audio from your favorite subscription services (i.e. Pandora, Sirius, Spotify, CloudCover, etc) or from your personal music library. All remote units play the audio in real-time so that the audio is fully synchronized and "live".

Mic your Band

One of StreetSound's™ greatest features is its flexibility. During a normal day, StreetSounds™ could be used for background music. But, if there happens to be an event or concert, you can temporarily relocate the master transmitter to the event site and send a live feed from the band's mixer, or from the event announcer's microphone. The StreetSounds network would then originate at the stage instead of its normal locaton in someone's office.This allows the "stage" volume to be lower (a very desirable feature) while the people further away from the stage can actually hear better!

Full Remote Monitor and Control

The entire system can be remotely controlled and monitored from a central PC running a powerful Network Management System (NMS). The NMS gives the operator control over each wireless unit so that either individual units, or groups of units (“zones”), can be turned on or off and volume increased or decreased from the central management location.

Mass Notification

In addition to providing ambient music, StreetSounds™ is fully compliant with the Mass Notification Emergency Communications (MNEC) requirements of NFPA 72 in terms of Intelligibility, Redundancy, Manageability, and Zoning so that it can become part of an overall Wide-Area Mass Notification System.

Portable Version Also Available 

StreetSounds™ is also available in a portable version to use for “fill-in” or temporary locations during special events. StreetSounds™ internal audio amplifier provides enough power (70 watts) for applications ranging from quiet background music to loud concerts for hundreds of people. StreetSounds is housed in a rugged aluminum enclosure built to withstand harsh, outdoor environmental conditions.


"Multi-hop" Repeater

StreetSounds™ is a "multi-hop" wireless audio system designed to cover large outdoor areas. Based on its proprietary “repeater” technology (it is not based on WiFi, Bluetooth, or any other "best effort" protocol), StreetSounds™ can dramatically extend the coverage area compared to traditional wireless audio products (see Technology page for more details). There is nothing else like it on the market.


Getting Started

Are you interested in getting started with StreetSounds™? Contact us and we will be in touch!

Here are the steps for getting started:

  • Demo System: Request an on-site demo of the StreetSounds™ system to verify transmission range, audio quality, and lack of local interference. The demo system consists of a Master transmitter unit and one StreetSounds remote unit with speakers and mounting hardware. During the demo we will demonstrate the Network Management System and verify satisfactory audio quality and coverage. Testing of a Demo System is required before proceeding with other deployments.
  • Pilot Program: Purchase one or two remote units, plus master unit, for a pre-deployment test of suitability in your venue. A Pilot Program typically lasts for 2 to 3 months prior to a partial or full deployment. During this time the system can be tested under all environmental conditions for audio coverage, signal range and reliability, and monitor and control functionality.
  • Partial Deployment: Purchase a limited number of units for a portion of your overall venue.
  • Full Deployment: Purchase units for the entire venue.





  • High quality, real-time sound for "Main Street USA"
  • Background music or live announcements
  • Compliant with NFPA 72 for NMEC
  • Outdoor Concerts, Festivals, Parades
  • Shopping Centers or Downtown disctrict
  • Zoos, Parks, Campus, Riverfront areas
  • Stream your favorite programming from Pandora, Sirius, Spotify, or from your own music library.


  • Real Time live audio (not store-and-forward)
  • Internal 70 Watt 2-channel Stereo provides enough power for background music or a small concert
  • Portable, relocatable versions available for temporary events
  • Easily mounted on existing street-light or traffic-light poles
  • Fully weatherproof and designed for permanent outdoor installations (-4F to +158F)
  • 900MHz License Free Operation
  • Fully redundant RF design
  • Powerful Network Management System for PC-Based Configuration and Monitoring


Proudly Engineered and Made in the USA