"Dear Mr. Herring, I would like to take this opportunity to express our satisfaction with the street lights purchased from your company. As the style of your standards and fixtures accent the motif of our main street buildings, we have received many compliments from the business and private sectors. We are very pleased with the quality of design and workmanship of these units. They have generated an interest, by the community, to further improve the down town area. We are proud, as a Municipal Electric Utility with your cooperation, to furnish these lights to the City of Portland. The Public Relations between the residents, the City Council, and the Board of Power & Light have increased tremendously. I would consider it a privilege for you to use this letter as a recommendation to any prospective customers."

Respectfully Yours,
Nyle F. Blaschka
Supt. Electric Utilities
City of Portland, Michigan

Outdoor Street Lights

Technical Support

VISCO lighting standards can be applied in varying heights with smooth or fluted tapered steel shafts. any H.I.D. light source up to 250 watt and LED up to 6000 lumens is available and several shapes of diffusers are also offered in one or two piece configuration along with Colonial, Victorian, or other "Turn of the Century" luminaires. Our engineering department will be happy to assist you in your fixture layout or VISCO will forward to you computer printouts of our photometric curves for your own calculations.

O/M Operation, Maintenance

VISCO has designed all streetscape equipment for years of minimal maintenance. Relamping, globe replacement, wiring access and ease of component casting replacement through the use of split castings has been carefully engineered into our product line. Our 40-year history and commitment to the future assures the availability of products, component parts and any technical assistance that may be required.



VISCO is represented throughout the United States and Canada through a network of quality lighting Agents. The agency in your geographic area will be pleased to provide you with technical information and pricing upon request.